If you want to meet a real local nationality social escort, then here are some tips so that you can find them and not accidentally look for a foreign girl pretending to be a genuine local lady!

Conduct a reverse image search

Whenever you see a photograph provided online, on the escort agency or on the independent girl’s website, make sure to simply conduct a reverse image search. Check that the images are not clearly taken from that of a random Instagram or influencer’s account. If it is taken from a celebrity’s account as mentioned above, then it is clearly a fake. Yes, that is right, do not be stupid and fall for their trap or you will be guaranteed you will be meeting a foreign lady who is also 20kg overweight and 10 shades darker in skin tone.

Native ladies do not send full face pictures to customers

If you are looking for a local, then know that most of them will never send their full face photos. Therefore, a big indicator whether someone is a foreigner is the images. It is a dead giveaway. If it is not censored at all, it is likely a foreigner. Only censored images are that of real SG models.

Locals are found nearly exclusively through an agency only

For locals, they are found almost exclusively at agencies like ours.┬áRead this to learn more about how to make a booking with us. Because the real locals are much more privacy conscious than that of their foreign counterparts, therefore, they prefer any additional layer of privacy protection – such as working under an agency which affords them lots of extra privacy. This is because they view it as something taboo, and so they are worried of being judged, therefore, since an agency can help them be an additional layer of privacy security, real Singaporean models are found at agencies.

So there you have it. While it is simply three simple steps on the checklist, make sure to use all of them in conjunction with each other, and you are virtually guaranteed that the lady you meet will be a genuine Singaporean!



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