Clients from all over the world, including local men, love SG escorts of local nationality. Why is that the case? Here are some truly compelling reasons which supports that!

There is just something very alluring about women who are hard to get, at least as being perceived as hard to get. And when it comes to SG girls, there is a general perception about them being a little conservative, and some even a little stuck up when approached by men. This perception only serves to increase the view that Singaporean ladies are hard to get, compared to some of their Westerner counterparts who can sometimes be viewed as ‘easy’. Keep in mind, all these are perceived, and may or may not be the truth as there are too many variables to truly nail this. However, this perception has made many clients to feel that genuine local girls are a very attractive choice as an escort.

Locals are generally plastic surgery free. It is very common for ladies in this industry to get tons of plastic surgery and make up on in other cities, however, many guys actually hate that when the women go overboard with this. It can be a true turn off when the lady arrives and she looks like she is made of plastic and not skin and flesh! She literally does not look human! However, generally speaking, most of the women who work as escorts in our country are actually natural looking, and free of any kind of plastic surgery. Therefore, it is a great haven for guys who want to actually date companions who look like human beings, not plastic!

If a rich guy wants just a bimbo, he can just walk down the street and pick up chicks easy, even in a ‘conservative’ country such as Singapore. However, if he wants a lady with class, elegance and eloquence on top of looks, that can be a truly hard find. Many top agencies in SG bring on only highly educated ladies, and not bimbos. Therefore, clients from all over the world flock to SG to hire such companions. Because Singaporean women are also usually highly educated, that makes them very suitable for business executives as well.



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